Institute of Certified Accounting and Auditing Professionals
Громадська спiлка "Iнститут сертифiкованих професiоналiв облiку й аудиту"

Rights and Obligations of Members

Professional Requirements for ICAAP Members

 Professional requirements are based on a balanced combination of rights and responsibilities of ICAAP members. All members of the ICAAP have the following rights.

  1. Participate in all ICAAP activities, including voluntary professional certification of ICAAP members, and ICAAP membership professional development activities.
  2. To submit proposals for consideration to the ICAAP Committees on improving the legislative regulation in the fields of accounting and auditing, on other issues related to the ICAAP activities.
  3. Participate in the development of documents, which define the course of ICAAP activities.
  4. Voluntary terminate the ICAAP membership by written notice following the procedure, prescribed by the ICAAP Statute and the Membership Regulations.

Rights, Applicable to Full and Qualified ICAAP Members Only

  1. Participate in the ICAAP management, including the right to elect and to be elected to the ICAAP governing bodies;
  2. Apply to ICAAP for the protection of their legitimate professional interests;
  3. Use the ICAAP organisational and advisory support when interacting with the Chamber of Auditors of Ukraine, and with law enforcement organisations;
  4. Submit comments and suggestions on all matters regarding activities of the ICAAP governing bodies.
  5. Get a priority for participation in all ICAAP activities.
  6. Initiate the establishment of the ICAAP separate divisions, e.g. the ICAAP territorial offices.
  7. Represent other ICAAP members at the ICAAP Congress.

Responsibilities of All ICAAP Members

  1. Adhere to the requirements of the Ukrainian legislation on the regulation of activities in the fields of accounting and auditing, the IFAC Code of Ethics of the professional accountants, the Statute and other ICAAP internal documents.
  2. Facilitate the achievement of the ICAAP goals through the participation in the ICAAP activities, and implement the decisions of the ICAAP governing bodies.
  3. Pay entrance and membership fees timely and fully under the procedure established by the Statute, the Membership Regulations and the decisions of the ICAAP governing bodies.
  4. Participate in ICAAP monitoring activities when reviewing appeals, complaints, and claims made by the ICAAP members.
  5. Inform ICAAP about professional activities.
  6. Fully fulfil the obligations assumed with regard to ICAAP.
  7. Uphold the ICAAP statutory provisions and interests of ICAAP members, e.g. in case of being delegated to regulatory authorities or legislative and executive bodies.
  8. Follow ICAAP's requirements for continuing professional development of its members.
  9. Fulfil other duties arising from the requirements of the current Ukrainian legislation, the ICAAP Statute and the ICAAP governing bodies decisions.