Institute of Certified Accounting and Auditing Professionals
Громадська спiлка "Iнститут сертифiкованих професiоналiв облiку й аудиту"

Benefits of ICAAP Membership

The Institute of Certified Accounting and Auditing Professionals (ICAAP) is a voluntary association of individuals and legal entities that carry out professional activities in the fields of accounting and auditing.

The purpose of ICAAP is to protect the rights and freedoms of its members, as well as to meet their professional interests by increasing public confidence in the accounting profession. ICAAP to works to improve the quality of professional services of ICAAP members by introducing the best international professional standards into accounting and auditing practices. Implementation of international professional standards in Ukraine is the key to the international recognition of Ukrainian accounting and auditing professionals (which is one of the most important ICAAP goals).

The development of the accounting profession in Ukraine through the participation of accounting and auditing professionals in ICAAP activities is a key not only to achieving the goals (goals) of the ICAAP as a professional public association, but also to fulfill the personal goals of each professional, which is one of the main benefits of membership in ICAAP. In addition to the above, the benefits of the ICAAP membership are:

1) protection of the legitimate social, economic and professional interests of ICAAP members in relations with state authorities, local governments, courts, the Chamber of Auditors of Ukraine, supervisors, and regulators of the professional services markets in Ukraine, businesses, other institutions, and organisations;

2) connection to the common accounting and auditing information support system, organised by the merging of intellectual and material resources of ICAAP members;

3) participation in the programs of ICAAP members professional certification that meet the requirements of world practice for the professional education of accountants (auditors), such as the requirements of the IFAC International Education Standards;

4) participation in the system of continuous professional development of ICAAP members;

5) assistance in quality control systems for audit services implementation  for practising auditors and audit firms (the ICAAP members);

6) external audits of quality control systems upon request (ICAAP is an authorised body by the Chamber of Auditors  of Ukraine for quality control ) ;

7) professional training, conferences, seminars, symposiums, business meetings for accountants and auditors in Ukraine and abroad aimed at improving the professional knowledge of ICAAP members, as well as  internships and business trips;

8) development and implementation of research-based methods, standards, unified templates, models, software, procedures, forms of documents and recommendations for professional activities;

9) international cooperation development, membership in international professional organisations of accountants and auditors (the priority is  the International Federation of Accountants - IFAC), participation in their activities, representation of professional interests internationally;

10) participation in regulatory activities in accounting and auditing with the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, the Chamber of Auditors of Ukraine and other bodies.

ICAAP membership gives each member the right to participate in the ICAAP governance, including electing and being elected to the ICAAP governing bodies, to use the organisational and advisory support of ICAAP when dealing with law and regulatory issues related to the Chamber of Auditors of Ukraine, courts and law-enforcement organisations.