Institute of Certified Accounting and Auditing Professionals
Громадська спiлка "Iнститут сертифiкованих професiоналiв облiку й аудиту"

ICAAP Membership

Benefits of ICAAP Membership

Why is it important for professionals to be ICAAP members?


Membership Structure and Criteria

ICAAP carries out a selective enrollment of its members, because they impersonate ICAAP


Membership Requirements

Exact implementation of rights and obligations, including compliance with ethical requirements, is an indicator of high professionalism.


Membership Pathways

All the paths that professionals choose lead to the ICAAP membership


Information for Employers and Clients

The purpose of our members' professional development is to meet the demanding needs of employers and clients


Answers to Questions and Tips

Questions and answers and tips on the ICAAP membership